Fall Ball

Fall Ball (All Star Game 8/27)

We will play All Star Game at CCBC Essex at 8:30am, Sunday, August 27, 2017.

AL versus NL

AL: Dave Policastri (Coach), Dale Peck, Jim Charles, Jim Yarsky, Greg Parks, Brian Patrick, Mike McLaughlin, Todd Lawson, Travis Wright, Kevin Hernandez, Jim Davis, Bob Moore, Jack Kelly

NL:  Don Albicht, Michael Wyatt, Pier Carroll, Bert Clay, Billy Ramsey, Al Carter, Jason Morosko, Chris Elliott, Chuck Davies, Jeff Frankenfeld (Coach), Dan Butler, Jody Breeden, John Morris, Terry O’Connor

Have fun and Good Luck!!!

If you are interested and have not received an email, please contact BSB Fall Ball at: info@seniorbaseball.org.

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